Hallux valgus shoes


      What is hallux valgus?

      Hallux valgus is a common misalignment of the big toe joint. This bulges out as a ball and the big toe shifts outwards to the other toes. In addition to visual problems, pain can also be caused by inflammation and sensitivity to pressure.

      How do hallux valgus deformities arise?

      These malpositions are often caused by hereditary predisposition regarding weak connective tissue. Wrong shoes with heels that are too high and shoes that are too narrow and pointed can accelerate the deterioration.

      What distinguishes Hallux Valgus shoes?

      Hallux valgus shoes contain soft inserts for bunions or hallux valgus and hammer toes. They make walking easier with pain-sensitive forefoot disorders. In addition, these shoes are suitable for your orthopedic insoles.